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High Security Storage

Costs Less Then

You Think


Peace Of Mind

07 5557 6722

State of the art purpose

built facility


Solid stainless steel boxes


Dual key locking mechanisms


4 box sizes available


Secure Gold Coast location

Gold Coast

Purpose Built

High Security

Strorage Facility

Latest crime statistics reveal a growing incidence in burglaries and invasions

to households and small businesses.


Security measures such as deadlocks, alarms and small household safes provide some peace of mind but in reality a determined intruder can gain entry and damage or steal your possessions before

authorities can respond.


Natural disasters such as fire or floods can be even more devastating when all your valuables and memories are lost forever.


Can you risk a burglary or fire, the loss of possessions like a family heirloom, medals, computer discs and tapes, rare coins or stamps, photos or negatives and important legal, personal or business documents.


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Safe Guarding

Against Significant


What would be the ramifications if your irreplaceble possessions

were lost, stolen or destroyed?


The possessions you can't afford to lose should be placed

somewhere secure.


The Queensland Safety Deposit Centre can provide you with the solution.


Just imagine if your important, irreplaceable papers, legal documents, property deeds or possessions were lost,

stolen or destroyed.


Would the loss be significant?  


If the answer is yes, then they should

be placed in storage with the

Queensland Safety Deposit Centre.


Examples of asses to deposit:

Passports / Visa's

Rare coins & stamps

Computer USB sticks & discs

Share certificates

Legal papers / Wills

Lease / mortgage documents

Contracts / title deeds

Irreplaceable mementoes

Photographs & negatives

Family heirlooms & collectable's

Household inventory list

Income tax / other records

Pins / passwords

Bank account numbers

Credit card numbers

Spare keys & lock combinations

Birth & marriage certificates

Insurance policies


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